Thursday, October 22

How to Find the Right Men's Watch

"Everything you need to know to find the right wristwatch for any occasion."

A watch is one of the few pieces of jewelry all men everywhere can wear without feeling femmy. So we thought we'd share this great article from Details Magazine online that talks about finding the right kind of watch. Not very well written, but it makes a few good points (BTW, I went through this and edited it a bit to make it more're welcome)

Here's a summary of the Article outlining the three types of watches all men should have in their collection:

The understated and elegant classic is the natural choice after dark and at formal events.

Dial: An all-black ceramic face or one crafted in an etched pattern is a distinguished choice.

Band: Keep the band simple and understated. A polished leather band in tan or chocolate brown works best with textured jackets and cashmere sweaters. For formal events, a black crocodile band is the epitome of black-tie style.

Size: Whether round or rectangular, the watch should be slim and the casing no bigger than 40 millimeters in diameter.

Metal: When it comes to the bezel, white gold and platinum are great options. Rose gold is a modern alternative.

Functions: A refined timepiece shouldn’t look like the console of a 747. Limit complications to two, such as date and GMT functions.

Consider this watch as the Everyman accessory—a timepiece all guys should own.

Characteristics—masculine, functional, and versatil—suitable with jeans, a flannel suit, and everything in between.

Band: Stainless steel provides the greatest stylistic range. Less obvious options include versions in matte, textured leather and dark-colored canvas.

Size: A day watch can be a little bulky, but shouldn’t overpower your wrist—40 to 44 millimeters in width is a safe range.

Functions: Find a balance between functions you actually need (date and chronograph) and extras that just look cool.

Dial: The dials on most sport watches have tons of hand and second markers, but try not to get too crazy. Also, aim for water durability AND legability, the latter of which is often overlooked.

Band: The best options are to go with a rubber or coated canvas. Bright colors are okay here. For a more conventional option, try a stainless-steel bracelet.

Size: Recent trends have pushed face sizes to as much as 48 millimeters. But unless you’re a first-round draft pick, or at least have the build of one, you should stick to a smaller model.

Functions: The people who make these watches are like the guys who rebuild vintage racecar engines—they pack a lot of sophisticated machinery into a tiny space. Some useful functions include a tachometer to gauge your speed and a helium escape valve to keep your watch from exploding under extreme depths. Not very useful to the average man, but still pretty cool to nerds everywhere.

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