Monday, November 9

Top 10 Geek Watches

10. Fossil Frank Gehry Negative/Positive Display

- The watch screen features the architect’s own script, displaying time in shorthand.
- Positive display during the day, automatically switches to negative display during the night.

9. Nixon Dictator Watch

- allows you to save up to eight recordings (3.5 minutes total) for the kinds of non-stop pranks that only a geeky kid-at-heart can truly appreciate.

8. Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

- 1GB USB data storage, undoubtedly carrying code or an archive of engadget podcasts

7. Suunto X9 GPS Watch

- GPS navigation
- compass, chronograph, altimeter, and barometer.
- pretty much every form of data reception you would need to successfully survive the wild.

6. Stanley Expandable Ruler Watch

- attached expandable ruler for taking quick measurments of blueprints or a Princess Leia figurine.

5. Midas Remote Control Watch

- a universal remote on your wrist
- controls volume, channel, mute, and power on “every make/model of TV and cable receiver imaginable.”
- endless hours of enjoyment that come from annoying your friends, bartenders, or anyone glued to the television.

4. Vestal Microdat Watch

- like a prop out of Blade Runner.

3. High Frequency LED Watch

- The LED display mimics an equalizer, pushing a row of lights up and down, ultimately leaving only two dots to indicate the hour and minute.
- The time is displayed for five seconds before the process starts over again.

2. Tag Heuer Monaco Sixty-Nine

- features two faces—one with a standard two-hand dial form (with a third interior second hand) and the other with a digital readout—that can be flipped for two unique looks.

1. Cathode Corner Nixie Watch

- For the original geek.
- two nixie tubes for a two-digit display that features an hour/minute/second sequence.
- blends mid-20th century tech with timelessly geeky flavor.

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