Wednesday, February 17

First Lady likes her Cartier

So Michelle Obama posed for her official First Lady portrait, and guess what watch America's newest fashion icon wearing? That's right, a Cartier. And though we can't guarantee that she bought it from us, she probably did. Why? Cuz she's a smart lady. And smart people shop at JomaShop and JomaDeals. It's just common sense, really.

So what kind of Cartier is she wearing? The first lady didn't specify (just being coy aren't you, you tease), but the trained eye is easily able to pick up the
recognizable timepiece as the Cartier Tank Francasie. According to Frederic de Narp, CEO of Cartier North America Mrs. Obama

wearing the watch was a “most positive surprise” and he also stated that “maybe it was a
gift from her husband.”

The Tank Francasie was originally created in 1917 by the founder of the House of Cartier himself. Due to its continued popularity over the years, there are now over thirty variants. The most recent version of the Tank, released in 1996, is the Tank Francasie. No doubt that sales of this watch have sky-rocketed due to the fact that Mrs. Obama wears it. Perhaps in our world of pop culture it should be known as the “Michelle Obama Watch?”

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