Tuesday, February 9

We're Back and Blogging Again

Sorry we've been away for such a long time. It's a long story, but we'll just put it this way: we were entrenched in a massive blog redesign and social media strategy evaluation. The real reason? The same reason any blogger stops blogging: laziness. And I'm easily distracted.

But after a thorough redesign and my passive aggressive boss introducing me to his oldest grandson who's a fantastic blogger and works for peanuts, I decided it was time to get crackin' again on the ol' JomaShop blog. But as you can see, we DID redesign this puppy. It looks about as good as we can using blogger's preset design elements.

So we're glad to be back. Make a comment if you missed us. If you don't, we take the hint. Our absense left a serious hole in your life and it'll will take some healing time before you're ready to commit again and make comments. We understand. Take some time to heal. We'll be waiting right here (and here) when you're ready. You WILL learn to love again.

We're Back, and boy, don't we look handsome!

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