Saturday, March 13

Pope Won't Swap Watches

Here's an interesting article from the annals (haha...annals) of time. It's a New York Times article from 1907 about the Pope's watch:

POPE WON'T SWAP WATCHES.; Declines Prince's Offer for Cheap Timepiece His Mother Gave Him.

Apparently Pope Pius X carried around an old nickel pocket watch attached to an old, knotted strap. A rich Italian Prince noticed and offered to give him his own Jewel studded timepiece. The Pope declined, since the old nickel watch was a gift from his mother and he promised never to part from it.

Aw! Touching, isn't it? He had such devotion to family, but I also think he knew that jewel studded accessories are tacky and that vintage stuff is in. Good eye, Pope Pius.

Read the full throwback article here
And get your own "favorite watch in the whole wide world" here

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