Monday, March 1

Try on that watch online via Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (hereafter referred to as AR to save me from getting tunnel) seems like it's the latest "thing" to hit the internet and ad campaigns lately. For those of you who aren't familiar, AR is basically when you hold a peice of paper with some strange design on it that looks like a crop circle up to your webcam and, like magic, a 3D image appears on the screen. Surf youtube for a few examples if you wanna get a better idea.

The movie "District 9" had a few cool AR features in their movie promo campaign. And GE has come out with a few cool, though pointless, executions, too. But the thing that caught our eye here at JomaShop was the potential to try on watches using AR. Take a look:

We thought that was pretty cool. And although JomaShop has yet to use this technology in it's own site, the day will come when this type of thing is standard, from watches to trying on clothes, to seeing what you and your boyfriend's future babies will look like (yes, even creepy functions will find their place in the future). So for now, enjoy the idea. Hopefully in the near future, JomaShop will be using technology like this as a standard feature on the site.

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