Tuesday, April 27

Remember when you were in Elementary school, and you had to take school pictures? They had you lined up, and when your turn came, they led you into an area with a stool, a sheet, and a creepy cameraman who you’re pretty sure you’ve seen hanging around the playground with a pair of binoculars. And they had you sit on the stool, and the background behind you was always somewhere you’d never actually find yourself in real life, like clouds in the sky or a country farm or something.

In my day, the background of choice was lasers. I think they were trying to be futuristic. It was the 90’s, after all. The dawn of the age of lasers.

Now Aurora watch company has finally taken lasers to the next level with their laser watches. The traditional minute and second hands have been replaced by fine laserbeams. Touch activated. The brainchild of designer Jihun Yeom, this watch has laser lights with red indicating minutes and blue indicating hours. Bad news? It’s only a concept for now. Good news? We’re one step closer to creating a real lightsaber.

So until that day comes, get your own cool, futuristic Casio here.

Laser School Pic taken from this awesome website.

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