Tuesday, June 15

Geocentric concept watch puts an orrery on your wrist

What's an Orrery you ask?

Why are you asking me. First, I don't know either. Second, you're on a computer. Look it up yourself. In fact, let us all take a small break and go find the definition of "orrery."

All done? I bet you didn't even go look it up. You probably just waited for me to do all of the work. Well, fine. I hope your happy with your lazy self. According to wikipedia, the source of all unreliable yet usually accurate information, an orrery is:

"... a mechanical device that illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons in the solar system in aheliocentric model. They are typically driven by a clockwork mechanism with a globe representing the Sun at the centre, and with a planet at the end of each of the arms."

There you have it. So it's pretty cool that this featured watch has one of them, especially if you're a space geek or Sci Fi nerd. That's a really cool feature that not many watches have. And with the power of astronomy literally on your wrist, you could make all kinds of crazy end of the world predictions (2012 is already taken).

So check out this watch, an click the link below for more info. Here's a snippet:

"The brainchild of designer Geoffrey Cooper, the Geocentric watch displays the time through the position of three rotating rings on the face of the watch, giving it the appearance of a mini orrery – the mechanical devices used to illustrate the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons in the solar system. That appears to be Cooper’s intention, stating that the watch was inspired by science and science fiction. As with an orrery, the rings are in constant motion and the visibility of the watch’s interior mechanism only adds to what Copper calls, 'a mesmerizing spectacle'."

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