Tuesday, June 8

Time to Think Globally

Don't like telling time with numbers and hands like an ordinary schmuck? Then this wn-2 watch is for you.

Japanese not-for-profit organization Think The Earth has released the wn-2 watch, featuring a tiny replica of the Earth that rotates in the same direction and at the same speed as the real thing. By offering a view similar to that seen from orbit the creators hope the wn-2 watch will encourage the wearer to put things in perspective and consider the world around them. WN-2 stands for Watch Northern Hemisphere.

Now that's pretty dang cool. I guess a watch like this would work for all time zones, too. Though I'm not sure how you would respond if someone asked you what time it is: "Uh, it's half past Russia?"

Apparently, it's not that complicated. The watch has two luminous indicators, a needle shaped hour hand and a smaller orange round minutes hand. The wearer can set the watch to any of 24 worldwide time zones. Featuring a Seiko quartz movement, the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and comes with two bezels, one plain silver or blue and the other shaded to represent night or day hours. The aluminum watch uses a lithium battery and in an environmentally friendly twist, the packaging can be reconfigured as the base for a desktop clock if you want to remove the core module and display it in the home or office. Desktop calendar covers are also available for download.

Cool huh? It better be. This watch will set you back about $800. But if you've got the scratch, then it's worth the buy. You can order it at Think The Earth, or if you want a cool watch at a discount, you can always visit us at JomaShop.

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