Tuesday, June 22

Wait, is that a watch or an Evil Robot?

For this week's edition of "Wait, is that a Watch or an Evil Robot," we give you this clever little thing which, I promise, is actually meant to tell time.

It's this TOKYOFLASH Shinshoku UNIQUE LED WATCH (Click here to get more info). It's a really unique watch that will make your friends think you're way cool while making the rest of us want to give you a wedgie. It tells time with a matrix of punched out holes with twenty-nine super bright LEDs beneath the surface which illuminate to present the time.Twelve red LEDs indicate the hour, three green LEDs indicate 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour and fourteen yellow LEDs indicate single minutes.

So this is great if you want something different. Great at telling approximate time. Not great if you're headed to the gym and want to calculate your heart rate. But overall, it's a very interesting, very cool watch. And not an evil robot.

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