Monday, July 12

Skelton Watches? Featuring the Watch Snob

Today's article comes from's own Watch Snob, a man who takes questions from other men about watches and then makes fun of and belittles them to tears, just like a snob should.

Here a digest of what he's been saying lately:

Skeleton Watches: Fad or do they have any staying power?
According to the Watch Snob, yes they do. Look for Linde Werdelin or Armin Strom for the best kinds of skeleton watches. Invicta also has some cool ones, too.

Is paying $5000 for a watch really worth it when I can buy a $50 Timex that tells time with just as much accuracy?
Watches are more than just for telling time. They are fashion statements, they are finely crafted pieces of art, and for men, it's really the only piece of jewelry we can where without looking girly or like a reality show weirdo. If you just want to tell the time, then any watch will do, but if you want a superior crafted art piece that makes you look really, really, really good in the process, than it's worth the extra money to buy something awesome.

Why did the guy wearing the Patek Phillippe watch think he was better than me just because I was wearing U-Boat?
According to the Watch Snob, because he is better than you. Patek Phillippe > U-Boat. (a bit harsh in my opinion, since U-Boat makes some cool watches, but then again, I'm not a watch snob. The Watch Snob is a watch snob).

On that note, if you have any watch questions for the JomaShop Dude (that's the clever name I'm giving myself), feel free to drop me a line and I'll either answer or do the research for you and respond ASAP (I'm shooting for 24hrs, but if I don't make it, don't hurt me).

Read full watch snobbery here

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