Friday, April 27

Sony unveils the Smartwatch, Powered by Android

On Thursday, April 12th, Sony unveiled the Smartwatch, a wristwatch that includes access to e-mail, events, SMS, MP3 player, phone functions, and various other apps, with a highly responsive touch screen that resembles that of a Smartphone. It is powered by Google-backed Android software, and connects to the user’s Smartphone via Bluetooth. The device is compatible with all Smartphones using Android version 2.1 or higher, and can also connect to Sony tablets. The Smartwach has a 1.3 inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, a black rubber bracelet, and weighs about half of an ounce. It charges via a standard USB and holds a charge for up to four days. The wearer can check texts, Facebook and Gmail updates, make and take calls, check the weather, and utilize 30 other key applications. It retails for $150 online and in Sony stores. While the Smartwatch is certainly a hot topic of conversation in the tech world, reviewers have mixed reactions as to its practicality and sales appeal, pointing out the small screen, limited applications, and its
dependence on proximity to the Smartphone as drawbacks. In addition, its tech-heavy appearance limits its attractiveness to women. However, the appeal of hands-free Smartphone features, discreet SMS alerts available in constant view, and its Dick Tracy-like nostalgia, along with the Sony name brand, make an intriguing combination.

Why would you or wouldn't you pay $150 for a Sony Smart?

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