Tuesday, May 1

The Pebble—the First iPhone Compatible Smart Watch

     Though the past year has witnessed a variety of “smart” watches varying in price, appearance, and special features, all have been powered by Android, excluding potential iPhone customers. Noting the need for an iOS-powered watch, Eric Migicovsky got to work and designed a Smart watch compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. Known as the Pebble, this smart watch boasts a number of characteristics that exceeds its predecessors in addition to iPhone compatibility. It has a stylish, modern appearance, an e-paper display similar to that of the Kindle that allows easy readability in and outdoors, calendar reminders, Pandora and Spotify capabilities, time and distance tracking for runners and bikers, a Bluetooth connection, and an impressive battery life of one week. It also includes a number of iPhone apps and the convenience of displaying incoming calls on the wearer’s wrist.
     Despite the extensive advantages of Migicovsky’s design, he has had difficulty finding enough funding to launch the product, as many investors will delay investing in hardware set-ups on account of the various roadblocks that accompany manufacturing electronic goods. Unable to find enough corporate support, he turned to Kickstarter, the fund-raising website for small businesses, creative ideas, filmmakers, and more, where anyone can pitch an idea and request donations. The Pebble project set a goal of $100,000. Within two hours of hitting the site, Migicovsky reached it, by the end of the day, he had received $500,000 in pledges. As of last Tuesday, April 11th, the Pebble had raised more than $38 million, making it the most successful Kickstarter campaign in the company’s three-year history. The Pebble will continue to run on the site for another month. It is tentatively scheduled to hit stores in September, and developers are currently working on a software kit to allow for more iPhone app-linking features. The Pebble will retail for a mere $149.

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