Wednesday, May 2

Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology Watches Proven to Improve Sleep

Some Philip Stein watches contain a patented Natural Frequency Technology clinically proven to improve the quality of the wearer’s sleep.  The watches emit frequencies that occur in nature, producing electromagnetic fields (EMF) that have positive effects on the body.  Studies have shown that EMFs of less than 100 Hz are most beneficial.  For example, a frequency of 2 Hz promotes nerve regeneration, and a frequency of 10 Hz aides in ligament healing.  Physical therapists have relied on EMF for decades, using biofeedback to promote relaxation and healing.  The Philip Stein watches using Natural Frequency Technology operate on the same principle.
            In 2010, the Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Journal released a study conducted in a double blind, placebo-controlled environment on a group of 28 individuals reporting poor sleep quality for at least three months.  The vitals of each subject were taken before and after wearing the watches, and each reported back on the following variables: total sleep time, sleep onset latency, minutes awake in the middle of the night, perception of refreshment, Epworth sleepiness scale, and dream quality.  Ninety-six percent responded positively in at least one of these categories.  The published results of the study showed:
  • 43 percent reported feeling more refreshed
  • 47 percent reported falling asleep faster
  • 39 percent reported sleeping longer (more minutes)
  • 52 percent reported that dreaming was more pleasant
In addition to the health benefits of the Natural Frequency Technology, Philip Stein watches also come in a variety of fashionable and colorful designs.  Visit and save almost 50% off our best-selling Philip Stein watches.

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