Wednesday, June 6

Do You Know About Nixon?

After being unable to find a watch aesthetically and functionally appropriate for his surfing lifestyle, communications major and Transworld publishing company employee, Chad DiNenna teamed up with Andy Laats, a mechanical engineer and former Burton employee working on an MBA at Stanford, to create such a watch.  The pair raised $1 million from venture capitalists and launched the Nixon brand in 1997 with seven models.  Nixon watches are designed to withstand the pressures of surfing, skating, and winter sports, in addition to promoting a trendy, youthful lifestyle.  The initial release proved successful and enabled them to open a subsidiary in France three years later.  By 2005, Nixon offered 90 different watch models and sales were growing by 55% annually.  In 2006 the surfing apparel and lifestyle company Billabong International purchased Nixon for $54.6 million, enabling the brand to be distributed on a much larger scale.  The Nixon catalogue has since expanded to include apparel, accessories, electronics, and more, though their watches continue to perform as best-sellers.  With headquarters located next to the best surfing in both southern California and Europe, Nixon believes in living the lifestyle behind the brand and encourage their customers to do the same through hosting a peer-reviewed surfing challenge in San Sebastian Spain every year.  Check out Jomashop's collection of hundreds of authentic Nixon at up to 54% off here.  

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