Wednesday, June 27

The Einstein Watch

   The luxury watch company Longines manufactured a gold wristwatch in 1930 featuring an elegant tonneau-shaped case, skeleton hands, a small seconds sub-dial, and a brown leather strap.  As with every Longines model, the company entered the 14 kt gold timepiece into their meticulous production register.  A year later, it was engraved with the inscription, “Prof. Albert Einstein, Los Angeles, Feb. 16, 1931,” and presented to the world-renowned theoretical physicist.  Several photographs display Einstein proudly wearing this simple, reliable watch, which he later bequeathed to his eldest son. On October 16, 2008, the item came up for auction at the Antiquorum. The significance of the timepiece previously belonging to the man who contributed so vastly to the study of time and space was not lost on collectors, and the piece sold for $596,000, a record high for a Longines timepiece at auction.  Longines continues to be one of the most popular Swiss luxury watch companies, producing models known for their elegance and precision.  Check out our collection of authentic, brand new Longines watches here, most at 20-35% off. 

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