Friday, June 29

The Extreme Swiss Watch

Bell & Ross watch company began in 1992, named for the Swiss designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo.  The two formulated a simple concept—a watch expressly designed to withstand the pressures of aviation and other extreme situations.  Specifically intended for astronauts, pilots, divers, and bomb-disposal experts, the watches produced needed to endure high pressure, extreme temperatures, and intense accelerations.  After assembling and consulting with a team of designers, aircraft specialists, and watchmakers, Bell & Ross developed a mission statement: “the essential is never compromised by the superfluous,” and four fundamental characteristics for their products—readability, performance, precision, and water-resistance.  Combining these features with a watch case that imitates the look of a cockpit instrument, the Bell & Ross watch was born.
With headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Bell & Ross now produces a variety of timepieces with highly dependable automatic movements, such as the ETA Valjoux, and power reserves that last for days.  Each piece includes clear, oversized, luminescent hands and markers, and impressive water-resistance.  At each step in the watch-making process, a master watchmaker painstakingly inspects the instruments for precise measurements and accuracy.  Before becoming available for purchase, they are tested for reactions to chemicals, temperature changes, heat, humidity, pressure, shock, and UV radiation.  Due to this thoroughness in production, Bell& Ross watches are some of the rarest Swiss pieces on the market.  They have a distinctly utilitarian and modern appearance, and are frequently patronized by astronauts, military pilots, policemen, race car drivers, submariners and bomb-disposal experts.  Check out Jomashop’s collection of authentic, brand new Bell & Ross watches, most at 32% off here.

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