Tuesday, June 5

The Rolex Oyster Special Edition Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Leopard

A dramatic departure from the majority of Rolex designs, this Daytona Chronograph features a leopard print dial and leather strap, in addition to an 18 kt yellow gold bezel set with 48 diamonds and 36 baguette cognac sapphires.  It has attracted a fair amount of attention, being spotted on Vanessa Bryant’s wrist on a visit to the White House earlier this year and causing a host of debates on Amazon and various watch review blogs.  It retails for $66,550.00.  Here's your chance--what do you think of the design?


  1. How can you sell something this ugly? How can Rolex make something this tasteless? I've seen this watch on Amazon for a few years. It might be educational to read some of the remarks made by others.

  2. beautiful watch..but who.. can spend 65,ooo/oo & not feel a little guilt wearing a prestige timepiece in a time of hunger all over the world. no one really knows what time it is anyway. 1n 1967 a bubble Submariner Rolex cost 169.00. buy a Timex Explorer & you will be just as happy .