Thursday, August 9

A Watch Made from Steel Recovered from the Titanic

     Founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland, Romain Jerome has quickly become one of the most unique luxury watch companies on the market.  Using authentic materials recovered from historical landmarks, such as the Apollo 11 and Titanic, as well as substances like volcanic lava and moon dust, Romain Jerome watchmakers create highly emotional and rare timepieces.  Romain Jerome watchmakers refer to this concept as the “DNA of Famous Legends.”  Each piece derives its inspiration from the air, earth, and sea, focusing on deep space and sea explorations and utilizing rare authentic materials to create a piece of wearable art and history.  The Titanic-DNA collection watches have bezels with a distinctive rusted appearance, made with authentic steel from the Titanic, recovered from 3,840 meters below sea level.  In addition, the dials are blackened with Titanic coal.  Though a controversial choice of materials, Romain Jerome refers to the Titanic-DNA collection as homage watches.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!  Check out our collection of Romain Jerome watches at 33% off here.

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